Create Server button in game?

Adding a Create Single player Map or coop Map button in game like other games enabling you to edit the server would be great.

in Create Map - Choice buttons like:

no pvp
structures you build are indestructible to other players
no firearms or C4
increase amount of animals
Different animals of increasing difficulty
Diff bow strengths to kill animals of increased difficulty
etc etc

The game is great, but the developers need to decide if its a survival game or a first person shooter. After spending hours crafting and building only to have it all stolen or\and destroyed by other players renders the game pointless for me.

OR have the ability to create a single player map that saves on your computer?

All of these options are available to people who run servers. The server client is so large because it handles everything in the server at all times. Games that do a create server button do all the control on the players client side. Therefore with Rust it makes it nearly impossible to run the game and server on the same machine unless its a beast. This is a survival game and your success at survival is friends and getting into the game in the first days of a wipe cycle. Also building tactics go a long way. I play solo and can survive a whole wipe cycle till the final days when servers usually go nuke anyways. This game actually requires tactics in everything you do. And loss is a common thing till you know the work arounds. Animals are already different difficulties from the easy to kill pig. to your runners the stag and horse and the hostiles Wolf and bear. as for the no firearms and C4 go play on a medieval or primitive modded server

Hmm that’s a shame it isn’t possible - oh well. Unfortunately this game isn’t for me then. If I play Pvp its usually COD or Black Ops

You can run the server and the game fine if you’ve got 8gb ram and a decent i5 cpu.

I’ll update this post in a few minutes with a quick guide.


  1. Download this
  2. Create a folder on your C: drive here; C:\server and unzip the steamcmd file
  3. Create a new text file in the folder called start, open it in notepad and paste this

C:\server\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir C:\server\RustServer\ +app_update 258550 -beta experimental validate +quit
RustDedicated.exe -batchmode -server.port 28015 -server.hostname "Solo game" -server.maxplayers 10 -server.identity procedural +server.seed 13337 -server.worldsize 4000 -server.saveinterval 300 -spawn.max_rate 1 -spawn.max_density 1 -autoupdate -god 1
time /t >> shut.log

  1. Save as > click all files > start.bat
  2. Doubleclick start.bat
  3. Wait til you see something like “Map Spawned 0 entities” THE SERVER MIGHT RESTART A FEW TIMES BEFORE WORKING PROPERLY.
  4. Go ingame and write client.connect localhost:28015 in console. Hit enter
  5. Tab out and see that you’re connecting. Write down the number in front of your name starting with 7656xxxxxxxxxx, then type owner 7656xxxxxxxxxxx followed by writecfg
  6. Open console and type client.disconnect followed by client.connect localhost:28015
  7. You now have admin powers, the following commands are useful; noclip, god t/f
  8. Post here if you need any help.

Good luck :slight_smile:

There are modded servers out there that cater to what you are describing. I run one with no C4, PvP and PvE areas, fire arrows, etc. so what you are looking for is out there.

Animals (and AI in general) have been a source of contention for a while, but the recent uptick in bears and wolves was a nice addition. Good luck killing them with a bow however. I just wish they had more intelligent terrain handling.

Worst case is rolling your own, and finding mods to suit. It’s really pretty simple to set one up, but firewall rules seem to be the difficult part if you are hosting from home and have a consumer grade router/firewall.

One note on the excellent post above is to remove the autoupdate from the server startup if you have it modded. Autoupdate will nuke Oxide and bring you back to vanilla after a patch.

Firewall rules takes two minutes maximum to setup.

Just route 28015-28016 to local computer and set a static ip on that computer.

The rules themselves are simple, but I see this question A LOT. Easy vs. frustrating depends on the particular consumer device you have and if your ISP is running you through a proxy.

If you’re not run through a proxy by your isp then it should be easy enough by finding your router here

i think the op’s point is that to start a server in rust you need to do quite a bit of fiddly stuff (that some people are not tech savvy enough to do easily), whereas in games like tf2 you simply hit the “create game” button, and select your options. an inbuilt server setup would be useful to my mind too, although i appreciate it may not be what FP have in mind; especially not in the near future.


The addition of a ‘create game’ button with options for single or more players and other options would be great. Even if it was very small maps.

TF2 is also a round-based game. Rust is not. Shutting down the server as soon as your client logs off or crashes seems not particularly useful, at least not this early on.

yeah, but if a player wanted a small server with his friends for a few hours with say x30 gather, this would facilitate it. or even if a player wanted to run a server but had no idea how to. it certainly wouldn’t be used by everyone, but it would come in handy;)

Anyway… thanks for everyones help with this…