create socket or thread failure help me :/

Hi guys, i have a problem.
When I try connect to servers (all not working for me but for my friends yep) i getting error “failed to connect: create socket or thread failure” what i can do ? pls help :confused:

Do you have any security software that would be blocking Rust?

nope, and my windows firewall is off

Verify integrity of Rust in Steam (using the right-click Properties box in the library). If that doesn’t work, then restart both your computer and your router and try again.

done, still not working

Humm. Nothing anywhere on the net comes back with an error message exactly like that, so I don’t really know where to go next. I have a couple ideas, but the risk of making your computer worse is too high for random guesses.

go ahead,I’m prepared to reinstall system if nothing helps me

When was the last time you updated your system’s network drivers? These would be your Ethernet chipset drivers.

hmm when i installed system

I would definitely go looking for an update to the network drivers if you’ve had your system for more than a year. I’m specifically going for the network drivers because it’s a network problem.

Before you do that, however, I want you to do this. In Steam, go into Settings, and then the In-Game tab (with the Steam overlay controls). Down at the bottom, there is a drop-down menu for the number of pings per minute in the server browser. Set this to 1000. This will slow down the server list, but it may help with network stability.

done but it’s still not working at all, I think I’ll reinstall system :confused:

Try uninstalling and reinstalling Rust first, along with .NET Frameworks 4.5, before you go to all the way reinstalling your OS.

YAY I KNOW HOW TO FIX IT XD I just need to open rust in steam game folder, that’s all. but if i join to server i got this, screen freeze, but i can hear what im doing in game but i cant see it :

I’d like to ask you to download Speccy and take a screenshot of the summary screen, please. It’ll look like this:

Huh, you’re on a server-class processor. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Could you please take a screenshot of the Graphics tab of Speccy, please?

You’re on the latest 337.50 drivers, so that’s not a problem.

I’d create a profile in the Nvidia control panel for Rust and force it to use the GTX 650 with the “3D Applications” performance level, or the equivalent.

And thank you for your cooperation, too.

I installed windows on another partition and it works. Thanks again for your time mate.