Create Stream Error 41

Having an issue with a sound script. The sounds have been uploaded to my server and to my webserver for FastDL. The sounds did download (I confirmed 1 sound working) but others will display a message in console “Create Stream Error 41. file/path/to/sound is probably missing from disk/repository” Why are the sounds not working or what’s displaying the error?

The error is displayed because the game cant find the sound.

I’ve checked the file paths for all of the scripts and they’re all correct.
Sound is in sound/taunt/daddy.mp3

 ply:SetNetworkedVar("esound", "sound/taunts/daddy.mp3") 

  1. That code shows nothing
  2. You must use “taunts/daddy.mp3” for sound playing functions.

I’m already using the code. I know it works. That’s just showing how the path looks.

Remove sound/. It’s already relative to the sound folder.

Thanks. Worked perfectly.