Create SWEP.VipOnly?

I was wondering if it was possible to create the swep variable: SWEP.VipOnly which restricts the swep to the vip ulx rank, and puts an icon on the swep like SWEP.AdminOnly and say something like “Donate to access”?

I don’t know if you can necessarily do it that way, I mean you may, though it would be easier to just make it. Then make it only accessible to donators or whatever you would like. Also the obvious “Donate to access” message.

EDIT: You could if you made “VipOnly” somewhere else. Than called it to run whatever you have it doing. Which in this case is checking if he/she is VIP. Though that would honestly be to much work in my opinion.

You can override SWEP:Equip(), tell the player they must be VIP and strip the weapon if they aren’t VIP.