CreateClientConVar not registering on dedicated server, but works on local single player server

So i have this add-on that i added to my add ons folder, and to call the add ons you type in a console command, (ah_snake). When i hit “start new game” and the go into a single player game, i open up the console and the command is there. However, when i upload the add-on to the dedicated test server, the CVars aren’t there. The add-on was extracted into the add ons folder of the server and they are created inside the lua files using CreateClientConVar(“example_cvar”, 0, false, false). Any ideas on how to get this CVar to get recognized by the Dedicated server?

You do know you need to run it in your gmod console as it is a Client ConVar

Yeah i know that, thats how they’re called… but the console variable doesn’t exist even though its in the code

What file is it in? What are the full contents of that file?

You must AddCSLuaFile() that file and have it run ( put into lua/autorun/client )

This fixed it, Thanks for your help!