CreateConVar: Print ? :/

Hey Guys. Simple Question
how can i Print a “CreateConVar” “convar” ?
maybe, if i create it. like:
AdminRSpeed = CreateConVar(“Admin_WalkSpeed”,360)

ply:PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTTALK, AdminRSpeed)
does not work.
please Help

Returns the val of your convar


Returns the val of your convar

CreateConVar(“AdvancedSB_Team_Admin_Red”, “123”)
local AdminRed = GetConVar(“AdvancedSB_Team_Admin_Red”):GetInt()
function Test (ply)
Does not Work.

/Edit: Stupid Coding :smiley:
Thank you it works :smiley:


Nevermind, I see you got it working.

Yepp. I had the convars in shared.lua and the function in init.lua :smiley: