Created a presentation to help spread the game Rust.

Hello, I am Kostya and I am from Russia. I’m a big fan of the game Rust, because my dream came true perfect developers Facepunch Studios. I created a presentation for Rust and want to share it with everyone who plays it. It consists of 379 slides and I have done it a long time. Want my overall presentation and distributed. Do not speak English to translate this presentation can not. The presentation can be viewed using the Power Point Viewer - Download to Google disk -

big old pptx file (221mb) and really couldn’t be sure if you are legit with only this post to work from.

379 slides about a rust… holy cow. In the future they should create some sort of thing that combines slides and plays them in succession very quickly at like maybe 30 slides per second and then you could almost watch the things on the slides move and then maybe they could add a feature to add audio to these slide shows. Since they are basically constantly moving slides maybe rename it something like movie.

I feel like I’m on the verge of a break through in something.

That will never take off. You’re a lunatic. People who saw moving pictures would freak out and lose their minds. Riots, killing, insanity, every horrible thing you can imagine. People aren’t ready for something this, and the way you are preaching it you should be locked away with Galileo!