Created New YouTube Channel

I am not sure if this is the right section, but I looked and this seemed most relevant.
Anyways, I created a new YouTube channel that has a tutorial series about running a Garry’s Mod server on Linux. I was inspired to create this series because so many friends were tired of using host like NFOServers and over paying for what they could rent a linux server for like I am doing.

I am looking for some people to critique my delivery and give me some tips. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Host manually means your self-hosting on your own network. You’re still using a hosting site.

Technically you are hosting it “manually” because your manually setting it up instead of having an automated script set it up for you.

Terms you are looking for are locally and remotely.

You don’t seem to get it. Lemme give an example.

YouTube is an automatic script that uploads the video and sets it up so that it can be viewed, have ads, and so on, all for you.

I don’t see you coding the HTML for your YouTube page and/or video player.

So the same can be said about the host. You’re not setting it up via srcds, you’re getting a website to run it with those settings for you.

Uh. Did you watch the video(s)? I am using srcds… which is manual hosting.

by that logic xenonservers is manually hosting because they use srcds. every server uses srcds.