CreateSound() BROKEN!!! Endless rage!

CreateSound() is broken.
It broke the sounds of my entities on toybox such as: rain, snow, thunderstorm, zombie survival, combine survival, antlion survival.
btw It’s not just in ToyBox.

Console Error:
“/Path/To/Sound.wav” can’t be found. Probably missing from data/disk/responsibility. or so.

I have tried to change the path pattern:
CreateSound( playerent, “…/sound/4n_sounds/weather/rain_loop.wav” ) – This worked all fine before an Update of Garry’s Mod.
to this
CreateSound( playerent, “sound/4n_sounds/weather/rain_loop.wav” ) – Didn’t work.
CreateSound( playerent, “4n_sounds/weather/rain_loop.wav” ) – Didn’t work.

I even tried this shit:
CreateSound( playerent, Sound(rain_loop) ) – I was in despair and I lol’d.

I need CreateSound(), because I can play, stop and more important: fade it whenever I want

CreateSound() is kewl, please help or fix. D:

heres some info incase you didn’t know

The same sound file cannot be used twice for the same entity - only the latest instance will play.
As of build #86, CreateSound is affected by Garbage Collection. This means you'll have to make it a global now for your sound to play correctly.
If you are creating sounds in multiplayer you will have to create them after the client has connected or the sound will not play for that specific client.

I did read that already, BUT it worked fine before. Why does it not work now?

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Tested: Making CreateSound() global doesn’t work, too.

…/ generally broke for anything.

What should I do now to make my sound working including with play() stop() fading?


I’ve been using gmcl_sound instead, it’s really great. You’ll have to google it (or find one of the old threads on facepunch for it) to get a list of functions. Obviously player’s would have to download this too, though. It would be nice if this kind of system was included in an update.

Thanks, but that doesn’t make things better for my toybox entities, because you can’t let the players download an *.dll from toybox, so… BUMP!