Creating a custom face flex qc file for a custom model?

i decided to try to port an xnalara felicia (from darkstalkers/mvc3) to source for sfm, but i’m running into trouble making a proper qc that lets the flexes i made for it properly work.

heres a pic of the model (i got it posed correctly, i only need working flexes/eye posing for it to be done i think)

i followed this link on the valve dev wiki about face flexes:

it says to make the flexes in this specific order, which i did:

i made the shapekeys, in order, in blender and exported it as an smd and vta

after this part is where i get a bit stuck. i made the qc in the flex animation page, but even after some editing, it spits out an error about not being able to open the qcis the page links to (yes i put those qcis in the same folder as the qc).

it also has a second qc listed, and again i got confused about which one i should be using.

so i was just wondering if anyone had any helpful links about making your own flex qc from scratch for custom models with custom flexes. if anyone would like to help out with the project, just pm me.

also sorry if this thread doesnt belong here, i’m just trying to find help.

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ok, i found out an easy way to make custom flexes.

basically what i did was get a player model flex qc (from this download link ) and edit some of the qc stuff to use the smd and vta i made.

i go into the flex settings and see which flexes are assigned to which names. then i go back into the qc and change the names to the actual flex names i originally assigned it in blender. i also erase some of the flexes in the qc that change nothing in the model viewer.

i’m still trying to figure out eye following in hlmv though.