Creating a custom scope script

I’ve been looking at hooks and functions recently, and I want to make it so that whenever the user reloads they can’t scope. I’m quite bad at this, so here what I got so far (this is basically a draft)

function SWEP:SecondaryAttack()
	if Function SWEP:Reload(ACT_VM_RELOAD)
	Scope = False
	Scope = True

function Scope()

That’s all I got so far D= I’m still working on it, I just wanna know if it’s ok so far

I don’t think you understand how conditional programing works. When a swep does DefaultReload() it automatically disables Primary and Secondary attacks.

  1. Your link isn’t even valid,
  2. How is it relevant to the problem wiki’s not gonna help with that.
  3. Why even have a question section? If all it takes is the wiki…

Look at this code and look at some sweps to see how they did it.