Creating a dedicated server box for a Garrys Mod Server - Specs


So i will be creating a server box to host one small Garry’s Mod server around 35 - 40 players (MAX 50).
I have a 100mb line uncapped. (PS: how much will the server use (how many gigs of cap) with 20 players average per day during peak afternoon times and weekends)

I was looking at the following parts:

  • MSI H81M-P33 Intel H81 Chipset Micro-ATX Motherboard
  • Intel Celeron G1820 2.70GHz Dual Core - Socket 1150
  • Cooler Master GTS V8 CPU Cooler (Air)
  • Kingston Hyper-X Fury 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3 1600
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Cooler Master RS500-ACAAB1 G 500W Power Supply (PS is this compatible with my MotherBoard?)
  • Cooler Master RC-343-KKN1 Elite 343 (Case)

Is there something i missed?

Thanks allot for the help guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Your server will only use around 4mb/s on average, and at peak you will at MOST hit 6mb/s.

With the core, im not sure if multi core was also given to servers, but you generally want to go for higher Ghz to lesser cores. 2.7Ghz is quite low.

Your RAM is not really sufficient, id say 8GB is a much better number.

Your server doesn’t really seem to be a good server overall, have you thought of renting a dedicated server or even looking at rent-own schemes (so after 12 months the data centre will let you take the server home)

A good example of this (a US company though) is

Hope this helps,
Bings :slight_smile:

you’re spending $700 on an operating system but $45 on a processor?

please reconsider.

Windows = and processor could you recommend something else? this is my first time building one so i wanted to ask people who are good.

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Im from south africa and this sadly does not happen here in RSA. Do you have any recommendations? I dont really want to spend more than $360. Its just for a small Gmod server.

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Which ones of these would u recommend:
Intel Core i3 4370 Processor 3.80Ghz 4MB Cache - Socket 1150
Intel Boxed Core i3 4330 - 3.50GHz Dual Core Processor - Socket 1150
Intel Core i3 4170 Processor 3.70Ghz 3MB Cache - Socket 1150

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Intel Core i3 4370 Processor 3.80Ghz 4MB Cache - Socket 1150

I’d say grab a better CPU and let’s not steal Windows Server, I’d give Ubuntu Server a try if you want a free server OS.