Creating a 'doppelganger'

Is it possible to create an entity that copies players animations, has same aim vector, bone position and angles?

If so, would I have to use stencils or use SetBonePosition().

Is already possible with bots

I don’t want it to be a bot.

then make an entity, which gets the players angles & pos, check the difference, and then let it do stuff, like with the nextbot movetopos for walking, and setangle for looking.

What do you want it to be then? Explain your goal further so we can help you

A custom entity I guess, as his text said, I thought he meant a “Bot” with entity, but seems he wants a completely own custom entity.

What my entity should do:

  • Has model of target player
  • Copies player’s movement animation
  • Has same bone position and angles as player’s
  • If target player has a weapon equipped, then my entity should also have the same weapon equipped

I want you guys to point me into right direction as for copying player’s movement animation (like if he starts walking, then this entity’s legs should also move)

I’m not sure about the bone positions, but you could create a bot (tf2 style bot, not normal bot) using the

player.CreateNextBot( Name ) function, and control them using


Thanks! I will try that.

I had problems with nextbots, as soon as the nextbot got created, stuff like certain ulx commands didnt work anymore, so I’d watch out.