Creating a fuse like objective?

So today I got this idea to make some creepy maps with objectives. But then I ran into a slight issue when trying to create a fuse. I added models, sounds; is it possible to create an object that is move-able by the player and when the player puts it into the slot it activates multiple objects without needing to write code?

A Trigger?

a trigger multiple with a filter_activator_name and a named physics model/physbox

Have a trigger_teleport that teleports only rhe object to a Target. Then make sure the orientation of the target is the same as the objects should be. On teleport, disable the fuses motion.

I understand that, but the part what I meant is snap it in place and make it immobile.

You’ll probably be able to freeze it in the flags tab of the entity properties.

You could also have a disabled prop_dynamic with the same model as your prop_physics. When your prop_physics enters the trigger, kill the prop_physics and enable the prop_dynamic.

So basically make the prop_dynamic appear and the prop_physics disappear after I’ve triggered the fuse?

Thats probably easier then my method, yes. But my method i used for something you can place and remove at will.

Let’s say you have a little prop or a func_physbox, and you want the player to pick it up put it on a bookcase in your map. You want the prop to “snap into place” when the player puts it near its destination. Also, something will happen when the player puts the prop on the bookcase (a sound will play, the bookcase will blow up, etc).

The Prop:
The prop should be a prop_physics (that way, the engine will allow the player to pick it up). Give the prop_physics a name.

The “Snap into Place” Teleporter:
Place a point_teleport PRECISELY where the prop should be on the bookcase. Give the teleporter a name.
In its “Entity to Teleport” property, type the name of the prop.

The filter that only lets your prop activate the teleporter:
Place a filter_activator_name somewhere near all the stuff, and give the entity a name. Next, in its “Filter Name” property, type the name of the prop.

The trigger that activates the “Snap into Place” Teleporter:
Create a trigger_multiple entity where the bookcase is. Go to the trigger_multiple’s Flags (in its properties) and make sure that only “physics props” is checked. In Filter Name, type the name of the FILTER, not the prop. Next, give the trigger_multiple an OnTouch output to activate the teleporter.

If you want something to happen when the prop “snaps into place”, just add an output to the trigger_multiple!