Creating a gamemode (after update)

Quick question: Has anything changed?
I had a gamemode that I used to test things on, but now it’s not showing up anymore (I haven’t booted up for a month or so).
I may have broken something, but could someone clear this up for me please?

Took a look at that page, actually.
Doesn’t seem to show up, even if I follow it to the letter.
I doubt anything actually changed in terms of making a gamemode after the update, so it’s probably a problem on my side, thanks anyway for your help.

I had some problems with that as well.
You just have to name everything correctly.
You also need to include all these small images for the main menu to get it loading.

You could have posted your source code so we can see what’s wrong…

Source code being the actual gamemode code? I’m sure thats fine, it’s TTT.
Tomorrow I’ll try LennyPenny’s suggestion.

I started off a gamemode a while ago, it’s not too different than in gm 12, I don’t think I answered your question though :confused: