Creating a GMod Community website

Since has stopped hosting community news, I was thinking of making a community website.

What I want is some ideas and things that other community websites dont have.
I already wanted to post Ideas, Creations and other stuff.

NO SHITPOSTS PLEASE LIKE "There is already a communtity website!"

And please note I already have a domain and I won’t host it on shitty freewebs or some shit

What happened to Plasmastudios then, you’re the same guy.

The guy designing the website quit and sold the design

But, there is an already made community blog. It’s maintained by the old admins.

I told you no shitposts

Anyone is free to create a news site. At the end of the day, all the news sites are part of the same community so there’s no need for rivalry.

Is this yours?
If not, it looks like someone is already making one but I don’t know how old it is.
It’s full of example text.

All did was let communities that sucked huge amounts of cock to get on the front page of it become popular. Look at Orange Cosmos and Jo’s Mini Game Server. Both of them probably would of been no where without

I am going to register a domain

And I have a “test” domain

How is that a shitpost? Learn what a fucking shitpost is before you call people on it.

It is a shitpost

Do you know the definition of shitpost? He was simply telling you there was already a community blog. That isn’t a shitpost.

Read the whole thread, there you will find my defination of a shitpost

^^^ You can tell communities are gonna fail when they’re owned by people like this.
just saying.

For once, I agree with the above poster.