Creating a linear-routed train.

I need to create a train that does this following route:

A - point
B - point

    • train

d)jump back to (a)

Something like the cars in 67thway_v3. I need the train to like every 20 secs drive this short route. Its a model, its just for the enviorment, not for carrying passengers etc.

If you want it to move in a straight like from a to be then back again, use a func_movelinear.

If you want it to follow a curved path, or teleport back to A, use a func_tracktrain and paths.

Can you be more specific?

Which one do you need and i’ll elaborate.

What do you mean? I basically need just a cube with trigger/nodraw/clip that moves from point to point, but after point B it waits 20-30 secs because its a very short route, also make it somewhat slow, like an average car, not something too big yet not something too small. If you’re going to make it i’ll later group it with my model. (Sorry if i was mis-reading/understanding.)

I’m not going to make it for you, do you need it to go in a straight line or round corners?

Should work out of the box. Don’t be confused by the car model’s orientation — it has to be facing that way (positive X-axis) to work properly.
You’ll have to mess around with the keyvalues to get it to work exactly the way you want.

Title has the exact answer for your question…

And that is something you could have clarified the first time i asked.

Yeah it is then. But Mozart made it for me, so thanks anyways for the help.