Creating a melee SWEP

Can anyone give me ideas as to how I’d create a melee weapon for a SWEP? I checked weapon_fists.lua and still I was confused as to how to make one. I’m good at making SWEPs that shoot bullets and whatnot, but I need help with a melee weapon.

The main difference is:

You will have local sound effects via ent:EmitSound()

self.Owner():LagCompensation() is useful for making for your weapon hits. [Remember to turn it off after done using it!]

util.TraceHull() / util.TraceLine() is useful for getting the target (entity) of your melee weapon.
Note: Make sure to use mask = MASK_SHOT_HULL and that endpos = self.Owner():GetShootPos() + self.Owner():GetAimVector() * [distance of melee attack]

When you have a target entity check if it is an entity via an if statement:

if ( IsValid( ent ) && ent:IsPlayer() && .... ) then
		ent:SetHealth( ... )  -- edit this to what you want the melee weapon to do
	        ent:EmitSound( ... )

                --- insert some animations here with SetAnimation() and SendWeaponAnim()

		self:SetNextPrimaryFire( CurTime() + delay until next attack )

Check out this for a reference: