Creating a new map for Rust

I have few concerns about modding a map into the game. Let’s say I create a new terrain, trees, lakes, etc in Unity3D. Is it possible to port that into a game server as a mod?

possibly, but you’d have to create a client-side loader for people to download your map.

You see, I’m not entirely sure how to force server players to download the game files that are required to run the map, and how to keep the rest of the game functionally with the new map/files.

you can’t force them to download the files, this isn’t gmod. you would have to get people to manually download the map and place it in their client. if you even get that far.

That’s exactly what I meant. At this point, making a map is pointless.

Isnt that a bit on the dangerous side as VAC might catch it as a hack?