Creating a new missile for GMod, called the DAWS

Wassup everyone, I am Project-BMX and I am thinking of bringing out a new missile, I already created a teaser (, and an SVN link as it will be constantly updated over time. What I have in this missile is a dual attack system I incorporated into it, you can choose to either have it attack from above or near the target both before or even during the missile’s flight. It doesn’t stay at the targets originally position but follows it, it has a pre-explosive charge to detonate any reactive armor (tanks wars, gcombat, etc), has an automatic holo targetting imagery showing you were the missile is located and where the target is located, it has another feature that if you turn on it will show you all the available targets in the area, a camera that will remove itself automatically after explosion, selecting different targets, and other things. If you would like to give ideas, support, or whatever, respond to this. IF you have commetns respond to this as well. The link for everything you need to know to get this missile is thank you and good day/night/evening.

Damn, all that effort for one dupe of a missile?

That’s quite a complex thing you got there. I think we will need a summary of what it will do for simplicity…

Yea, pretty much. I just really want to make this thing pop. I’ll try and write it up for a summary. Though I already added a few more features than the video showed. And it is going be updated as I am not going to be constantly addng a new dupe file on and get Garry on my case.

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Also, sub and stuff to the video as I will be releasing a lot of tutorials on everything from the holo sight to trackers and other things.

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If anyone wants to help or test the beta just download or SVN the missile or message me.

Summary. Of what it does, or what will it do? Or, how does it make things more efficient for the user?

At epicexplosion, I am going to add it to the SVN website.

Fuck that missile, constantly tagging peoples’ shit with an annoying trail. If I ever see it again on GGG I swear to god I will ban you across the solar system.

Space toe i doubt that with setze being on regulary. and i have 3 admins in my list, and i don’t think you can ban across the whole gmod server community.

Actually, I talked setze about it he didn’t care, also you have probably never watched. as it doesn’t use true holograms. I uae GGG quite often.

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Also, space toe. You are aiming your angry quite blindly. As I have never used holograms on GGG. Thanks for your comment anyways.

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Perhaps, space toe, you can download the missile, and ask anyone if they see anything while using it.

i am not good at missile.

Pasting it frozen removes this issue, making it fly to targets (across the ground) when I press 8 (and unfreeze it), but pressing 5 seems to do nothing.

Incidentally, the missile doesn’t seem to add trails to anything, except itself.

i think all of the above would be great, if possible.

Phloman, I am going to make some instructions with the summary. As this will help widen your field of killing and give something to screw around with.

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Gotcha epicexplosion

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Also, read the issues pholman it will help your issue. Because from here I think you spawned the missile not frozen, and then you just frozen the body of the missile.

After freezing it properly, it launches fine, but I cannot get the “attack from above” functionality to work for me. :frowning:

Have you pressed 8?

the missile itself looks a bit odd but i haven’t got around to trying it, so yup. :rolleyes:

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I’ll post up a screenshot of what the missile looks like.

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I forgot to mention if the missile is to close (within 3250 gmod units) the missile will go straight for the target completely ignoring top attack and near target attack.

That’ll be my problem then.

I’ll add that to the wiki

Progress! :smile:

What I’m going for.

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But like I said before, if you find any issues or problems. Or have new ideas and/or like to become a part of this tell me about it.