Creating a optimized DarkRP server

Hey guys!

So renting a server from a company and i would like to move it to my server box i have at home.
I have a 100mb fiber line (10mb upload also fiber)

Now other people will be using this internet but only for email and skype/netflix (parents they dont download and im a ‘only child’ so no other downloads).

Now i saw some past fp threads about fps_max and -ticketrate etc but im still a little confused on what is best for my DarkRP server.

My server.cfg is this:

Could someone give me a helping hand in telling me what i do not need or missing?

Oh and my start up parameters are:

Is there something im missing in here? Or must i change somthing?

Im sorry guys im just trying to learn how to do this properly!

Thanks allot!

have a read of

wow thanks allot dude! ill read though this!

10mb of upload is not enough to run a proper darkrp servrt

It can be fine.

Though, I’m looking at his playercount and im assuming he meant megabit instead of megabyte. That’s 1.25 megabytes/s. And IIRC (I might be wrong on this) a player will take up about 56kilobytes per second just playing, so 32 players will go well over 1.25 megabytes/s, up to 1.8. And that’s not including downloads and whatnot. So OP will probably want more bandwidth.