Creating a Rust Community! Need Admins/Testers - Read More inside!

A short introduction to what this is all about;
The Phoenix Community Project is a project that is going to focus on optimizing gameplay on a Rust server, with a planned dedicated administration base, with events and other goodies!
However, to make this possible, I will need volunteers!

Server IP:
To ‘join’ simply press F1 while in game and type net.connect

Currently, the server is a basic setup that has rare weapon spawns, shared doors, oxide, oxmin, private messaging and the like.
With a small, but growing friendly playerbase, we plan on making a thriving community with active administration to squeeze the most fun out of Rust!

Interested? Got something to bring to the team? Well then, keep reading!

This is a list over our current basic features:

  • PvP/Sleepers On
  • Oxide
  • Rare Weapons / Modified Loot Table
  • 0.25Craft
  • Private Messaging
  • Shared Doors
  • Teleport Request Script
  • Uncraftable Military Weapons / Explosive Charge
  • Oxmin administration

This are our long-term goals:

  • Server Made Events
  • Custom Scripting
  • Tailored Gameplay
  • Mature Administration Base
  • Friendly Community/Player Base
  • Whitelisting enabled

**Administrators: **
Ildfuglen - Super Administrator
Kjella - Super Administrator
Open - Administrator
Open - Administrator
Open - Moderator
Open - Moderator

Lua Scripters:

General testers

Add headhuntar on Steam for any applications

I still don’t understand, what are you trying to achieve?

  • I am trying to create a community. This community will have a core of mature staff, optimized servers and great gameplay.

This all seems pretty far fetched, you do realize Rust has modding limitations as of now?

  • I am perfectly aware of the limitations in Rust modding at the moment, however, the game will be released at some point. Consider it as warm-up. Create the community, get to know your staff and make awesome happen :slight_smile:

How can I apply to any of this if I am interested?

  • You could reply to the forum post, or you could add me on steam: headhuntar

This all seems pretty dumb, why so much work?
To bring the best experience to the players, and also to serve as a learning experience. There’s nothing more thrilling than being part of a group and managing/creating stuff.

Your server is empty! What is this?
The server was started the 11/01/14 and there are 200 other empty servers lying out there. There are simply too many servers compared to the playerbase.

Why add another server to the pool of dead?
As time goes, and Rust is updated, it really modifies how unique you can make a server. This is the plan, to make our server stand out in terms of sheer quality and playability.

How rare are weapons?
Military grade weapons (This includes MP5, M4, 9MM Pistol, Shotgun, Bolt Action Rifle, Explosive Charges and P250) only drop from airdrops.
Most of these can not be crafted. The only military weapons that can be crafted are the MP5 and 9MM Pistol. You’ll find yourself fighting with bows, handcannons and pipe shotguns.



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PVP or PVE, didn’t see anything stated. Myself am looking into a server.

It’s indirectly stated that it is PvP! However, we’re working hard on reducing the amount of KoS and making it harder to effectively raid players. This is to make the server more inviting to new players and our player community is generally not very PvP oriented… for now.
Feel free to join, we’d love to have you onboard :slight_smile:


I’ll be online for an hour more! Feel free to add me to steam: headhuntar if you have any questions.

Alternatively, you could always join the server.


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15 Minutes until bedtime! Last chance to talk to me today. See you all tomorrow :slight_smile:


That’s it for today! Thanks for all the pleasant chats :slight_smile: See you all tomorrow!


Good morning Facepunch! I am again available on steam: headhuntar

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Heyo, created this account just to say that I loved playing with you guys yesterday ^_^.

I’d recommend this server to everyone. Started playing on it yesterday while Ildfuglen and some of his friends were playing and had a blast. The friendliest people I’ve ever encountered in the Rust community.
That and the fact that building stuff don’t take forever (as most of the servers I’ve played on do) made me fall in love.


Glad you liked it Vuzzar! Thanks for your recommendations :slight_smile:
See you in-game.