Creating a Server?

Hey all, I’ve asked on the Steam Community but no one seemed to answer. I created a legacy server for the old Rust, me and a few friends play together away from the world and we wanted to upgrade to the newest version, I did a clean install following the guide on the wiki but I’m not sure if that’s for the old game or the new update? It finds the server in Rust but hangs on connecting, if we aren’t able to create servers through SteamCMD just yet is there an eta on when we will?

That’s what I used, but beta or legacy doesn’t working on the newest rust update

There shouldn’t be a -beta parameter at all if you want the current, “experimental” version. It’s the default version, now.

Thanks, I just tried creating a new directory and forcing SteamCMD to install there using “app_update 258550 validate” but it seems to be the same issue, the latest Rust client is on a different version to the server.