Creating a server.

Ah yes. I am going to add another DarkRP server in the world of GMod.

I want to make sort of a dedicated server. Because when I click ‘‘Create Multiplayer’’ the server closes when I log out.

How do I make the server stay open?

Buy one.

You cannot create a good server without buying one

Xenon Servers is a cheap host, I don’t want to advertise really, but they’ve been my host since day one, and I have no complaints, they have an easy control panel, unlimited space, free FastDL and a 12 slot server is like…13 dollars a month or something.

I can help you set up if you want, by the by. is best.
It has so many freebies to create a full server with site and ventrillo

UK Game is pretty bad from most reviews I’ve seen. They don’t exactly take criticism lightly either.

And a server can be good if it’s home hosted. I’ll be damned if I’ve had some pretty good fun on home hosted servers.

Xenon Servers is a great US host, I’ve been with them for more than a year now with no troubles at all.