Creating a Server

Hi i talk Spanish so i not going to explain very good the problem but here i go
i got an Inalambrick Internet and i cant create servers for people i mean i create a server but people can´t join that explain me a friend i need a DIRCET CONNECT to internet to create a server where the people can join.

Question 1 : is that about the DIRECT CONNECTION TRUE?
Question 2 : what can i do (Im not going to buy a DIRECT INTERNET Modem or something like that i say theres no a program to fix that, or i need Hamachi?

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Sounds like you might be behind a router. Trying forward a port and telling garrysmod to use that port to host from.

thats it a ROUTER i dont know the Word in Englsih and i transladated and is that a ROUTER THX

so i need Hamachi to create Servers where the people can enter? or i need to buy a modem again…

You don’t need hamachi to create a server (although you can use it), and you definitely don’t need to buy a new modem. What you need to do is “forward a port”. I can’t tell you exactly how to forward a port on your router, since its different for every model. You’ll have to go to a site like and get instructions from there. :smile:

port - 27015

Pienso que puedo explicar lo que estas buscando. Necesitas transmitar los puertos de tu enrutador. Buscaria en la red por ejemplos de este proceso por google

i dont understand what do you want to say