Creating a store in the spawnmenu. (And Hiding other tabs)

I need help creating a tab in the spawnmenu that allows objects to be purchased. It seems like it would be rather simple, just a menu that spawns a sEnt or a normal ent, and deducts your money. But I cannot figure out for the life of me on how to do it. Also, how the hell would I go about removing the other tabs? Here’s the code i’m using for removing the tabs, but the postprocessing tab, the dupes tab, the entity tab, and the scars tab still remain.

local function removeOldTabls()
for k, v in pairs( g_SpawnMenu.CreateMenu.Items ) do
if (v.Tab:GetText() == language.GetPhrase(“spawnmenu.category.npcs”) or
v.Tab:GetText() == language.GetPhrase(“spawnmenu.category.entities”) or
v.Tab:GetText() == language.GetPhrase(“spawnmenu.category.weapons”) or
v.Tab:GetText() == language.GetPhrase(“spawnmenu.category.saves”) or
v.Tab:GetText() == language.GetPhrase(“spawnmenu.category.dupes”) or
v.Tab:GetText() == language.GetPhrase(“spawnmenu.category.scars”) or
v.Tab:GetText() == language.GetPhrase(“spawnmenu.category.vehicles”) or
v.Tab:GetText() == language.GetPhrase(“spawnmenu.category.postprocess”) ) then
g_SpawnMenu.CreateMenu:CloseTab( v.Tab, true )

hook.Add( “PopulateContent”, “rb665_thisisthenamebrah”, removeOldTabls )

Dont use the spawn menu, make your own derma menu instead.

The nice thing about Derma is that its very simple to copy/paste stuff, its not terribly challenging to code either.