Creating a successful server

Hello, if I posted this in the wrong section, I’m sorry, don’t ban me :P. I searched and couldn’t find the appropriate place.

I would like to know some pointers people might have to creating a successful server, specifically DarkRP. I’ve always wanted to make a server for GMod but I don’t have the coding expertise to make it my own, although I do know how to modify existing scripts. This has halted me from ever creating something I’ve wanted to do.

I would also have to pay for a host, which would suck if my server sucked and nobody played, since it can be kind of expensive.

If you were to make a DarkRP server, how would you make it so you could compete with the others and sustain yourself or overcome them? Clearly there is a million DarkRP servers out there, so getting yourself out there can’t be an easy task.

I would also like to know how hard it actually IS to make a DarkRP server. Do you HAVE to know how to code? I would like to modify mine to make it original.

Anyways, that’s about it. I’d appreciate it for some logical help.

If you are using DarkRP you are already signing yourself up to have a terrible server.

Really, don’t go for DarkRP.

There is no such thing as a successful server that runs directly off DarkRP… All have edits which make them different and therefore worth playing to any player that isn’t interested in just dicking about

Have an original gamemode.

Believe me, if DarkRP was hard to set up, we wouldn’t see a fuck ton of DarkRP servers. Host a unique game mode, I would love to see more spacebuild servers!

Spacebuild, flood, deathrun, survival, mafia wars, build death match

There are quite a few gamemodes which are fun but not used at all. Of course you should also find a gamemode like them that works on the current Gmod build.
If you somehow have the super extreme urge to have a DarkRP server anyway, avoid the word ‘serious’ in any way, make it some very light weighted roleplaying or perhaps a mafia rp server which again is light weighted when it comes to rp’ing

None of them have a simple method to profit from and therefore unless you have free servers or are hosting temp for friends they have “no use” within the community. People haven’t played for fun in years…

do something like a cock fight
you spawn with a cock prop (try using props) and when you touch player with the cock, it gets bigger and whoever gets the biggest at the end of the round (5 minutes) then they win

I thought server hosting was always for fun and such, server owners honestly never make much money unless you have some kind of big server network which is running cheap but have a lot of gamers on them.

Well its rare if anything… Most people assume they host a server and put a gamemode on it and people will play and “donate” and then they can continue to pay for it. Very few say, hay come play.

What do you guys think about a TTT server then?

There’s a lot of those but according to the main menu, DarkRP and TTT are like the only gamemodes people play anymore…

I used to have a GMStranded server, which was freaking awesome and IMO, the best gamemode, but nobody plays that anymore. It’s so sad.

The thought you are having now, with the “People won’t play because no one plays this gamemode” is the exact reason why we do not see any of these gamemodes anymore.

If you set up a GMStranded server then promote it around on Facepunch and make people join, there are enough people here who want something else then Build/TTT/DarkRP.

Also, soonish Final Frontier is out, perhaps you can host a server with that game modi

Final Frontier? Can you link me to the production page of that mod?

If I hosted something fresh like that, without coding experience, would it be logical? I’m mainly just worried about not creating it my own unique server based off my, I guess, inexperience.
In a very nutshell, you along withe other crew mates are controlling a ship and you need to fight others as well. Its a lot like FTL

If you actually want to host for them, perhaps throw them a PM

Okay, I would still like to know some more pointers.

How do you feel on a website? Is this something that people deem necessary? Honestly, I never go to anyone’s websites unless it’s a huge gaming community, then it’s active, otherwise I don’t see the need to do so.

I could make you a simple website, then hand you over the controls, just pm me some specifics if you are interested (server name, type, community name, steam group, etc)

I can make a website…but that doesn’t answer the question.

I need to know if anyone actually gives a damn about websites for servers that aren’t gaming communities, lol.

only if it has some sort of actual use, like a forum where you can put ban and unban requests, admin applications, etc. a steam group page might be better for this though