Creating A Transparent Spray?

I’ve created a 256x256 spray for use in Garry’s Mod. The background in the file is transparent and it is saved as a .TGA, but when I use it in-game it has a white background. Is there any way to make a spray with a transparent background in Garry’s Mod?

Try PNG format. If That doesn’t work there’s probably no way to make it transparent.

Sorry for (somewhat) necro. I tried .PNG and it still gives it a white background. I also tried .tga and .vtf but the game wouldn’t accept them. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a transparent one on Garry’s Mod before so I think that might be the case.

If I want to make them animated, is there a max filesize and/or number of frames I can set the .gif to?

First of all .gif does not work on gmod, vtf also support animations. You need to make an alpha channel, search on youtube for tutorials.

Well how come it wouldn’t accept my spray in .vtf format?