Creating a vehicle with 2WD/4WD


I once saw this guy with a car that had turnable wheels on the front of his car. I asked him how he did it, all he said was “axis tool”. I’m trying to figure out how to do so. Any ideas?

Axis tool is that tool in you Q-Menu, or spawn menu better referred.
How ever, the Axis tool just makes a pro just simply rotate if turned.
But it may have used Avd. Ballsocket to make the wheel turn by other means, like a engine, wheel, etc.
But if you like to make a simple car, use motor.

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I may be of assistance.
If you like, we can work on your project.

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Using a server I will create.

I really only need some small text help, really. I think it might be he put it on a ball socket, then used thrusters with very low force to turn the axle.

Turn the axle? As in like a prop being pushed?
I believe they are similar to force engines.

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Unless I’m thinking the wrong way.

I think he is talking about realistic steering…

1.) You should try browsing basic tutorials on youtube before asking questions on FP. God helps those who help themselves.[sub] actually god doesn’t help anybody because he’s either imaginary or a troll but i digress…[/sub]
2.)2WD/4WD is completely unrelated to steering, which is what I think you’re referring to. 2WD/4WD is 2- or 4- wheels driven, as most cars only drive one pair of wheels, the other two roll unpowered. 4WD is better for offroading and provides better traction.
3.) 4WD can be done with some adv ballsockets for a quick fix. More complicated setups require either E2 or a lot of differentials, a mechanical device which biases rotational force to whichever wheel meets the least resistance–why a car can turn without skidding out.
4.) 2/4 wheel steering is when the wheels turn as the car moves, steering the vheicle. 4 wheel steering allows a much smaller turning radius. Steering is part of the suspension tutorials. Go search for them; I made a few a while back but they’re probably too complex for you.


Use a steering ‘rod’ that the front wheels are ball socketed to (only for direction not rotation) then get a ‘drive wheel’ axised to the steering rod. Then just ball socket the wheels to the drive wheel rotation.

Then use a forcer or something to drive the drive wheel and it will spin the front wheels even when they turn :D.

If that makes any sense…

I’m such a fucking noob, I’m sorry. I do not know shit about anything in the entire top section of the Tools menu.

Best to watch some youtube tutorials then :slight_smile: Its quite simple if you look at it carefully. Look on Red Reapers youtube channel and subscribe :slight_smile: Sexy shit on there eh.

Also Mr Whites youtube channel if you want.