Creating a video game-like HUD in GIMP?

I need help in GIMP. Not Photoshop.

First, forgive me if this is in the wrong section. If it is, I would be grateful if a moderator could move it to the appropriate section.

Okay, so I want to do a video game-like HUD. You know, Ammo counter, health, crosshairs, etc etc for a screenshot I took in Gmod. I was wondering how I would be able to go about doing that in GIMP?

Thank you for your time.

This would most likely go here

No no no I don’t mean in-game. I mean editing a screenshot so it looks like it has a HUD.

Something like this picture

Oh my picture? I used Photoshop for that. It was simple but it took me too long.

And you need to ask that question here:

Yeah, your picture. Are you sure about that? I don’t think this has anything to do with LUA scripting. Just editing. Im not entirely sure, though.

He’s asking how he can add a mock-up HUD to a screen-shot using GIMP.

As for answering the question, I’m not exactly sure what you need help with.
Do you need help with drawing the elements or do you need help with adding the elements and positioning them appropriately?

try depth hud dunno

Both. I’ve only got a limited knowledge of GIMP.

With GIMP, when you drag an image file into the main area, it will auto add it to a new layer. You can then use the Move tool (hotkey: M) to move that layer around.

If you’re not familiar with GIMP itself, you can look up simple beginner tutorials on the web to help you get familiar with the interface of GIMP.

I’ve got the basics down, such as the layer thing. Im just not sure how to add things from a HUD such as Crosshairs, ammo counter, health, etc etc

It all depends how you are acquiring them. If you want to use an existing picture of a hud and just edit out the parts you don’t want, that’s easy. If you want to use the actual files that the game uses, then that will require you to extract the files if they are in some type of archive, then adding them to the layer.

An easy way would be to look for game crosshairs on google images or ingame screenshots from some games for other HUD elements. Then just get the picture, open it up as a new picture/layer, isolate what you want, cut it out, paste it into your screenshot and move/resize, etc.

Making it from scratch is another story but definitely possible.

I was thinking more along the lines of making it from scratch.

Just use shapes and text on a low opacity. If you want it to pop out more just add a weak stroke around the shapes themselves.
There’s really no science behind a hud.

For instance the example you mentioned is just a bunch of random text and some copypasted images mostly.
You can do that, or go more subtle.
Like I don’t know

Thats pretty cool. Thanks.