Hey guys!

Im looking foward to make addons on gmod 13, but I need some help

I was thinking to go simple like to mod an hl2 weapon, can someone help me with that?

I just need a start boost!

There arent very many people who know how to do what you need assistance with on this forum and the ones that do are all assholes so dont expect any help.

I don’t even know what you are saying.

Dont really know what you are asking, but this is a good place to start the adventure of the LUA.

sorry for the english guys, but wha im trying to say is i want to learn to make addons

btw: thanks for the youtube video

This has the Lua scripts for all the hl2 weapons, so you can copy and paste them into notepad and edit them and then download the workshop uploader from the wiki.

ok, ive made some changes, now i want to publish it,

i’ve putted all the files in a floder and selected it on the uploader, but when i try to upload it, it says “No files, or invalid files”

Do i need do do something to the folder or to the lua files?