Creating air ducts?

How would I make an air duct in my map? I can’t seem to find the right dimensions for the player to crawl through and for the duct textures to work.

37 units is the max height for a crouched player to fit through but I’d probably use something like 40x40. Just experiment with sizes above 37x37 until it looks okay.

But the duct textures don’t fit right.

Increase the texture size. Try anything from 0.25 to 0.35.

Use a prop_physics with the vent model, make sure to freeze it. That should make a duct just like Valve’s maps.

Keeping this because it should still prove useful as a tip, in case he didn’t know.

He’s talking about the actual duct that you crawl in, not the vents at the openings.



Hmm, I guess I got it working, it’s pretty rough and the textures still don’t fit but it’s okay, thanks all!

Just use fit and set the x size to the same as the y, then just make sure you use increments of 40 for the length of the vents.

40x40 vents and metalwall045a as the texture. Scale it to 0.15625 on both x and y. The texture will fit perfectly.

Thanks, works now!

Miigga is credit to team!

But yeah, this helped me too. I never knew the exact size to use when making vents.

Yeah, I also just learned that [ and ] change grid size, made this about 40 times easier.

Meh, I don’t map on different grid sizes much. Generally I stay on 2 (yeah, I know, not that good) and sometimes I go to 1 to position props.

Thanks! I’ll use that in the future.

I just use the metal vent cover prop as a guideline…

40x40 is what I use, and if I am not mistaken it is also what the vent cover prop fits into.

But in hl2 the actual crawl spaces are larger, check the beginning levels. (when you get crowbar, pistol and smg)