Creating an NPC Shop

Okay, i’ve seen loads of people asking how to create an NPC Shop.

I’ve gone to the trouble (It wasn’t actually that much really) of creating a tutorial page on the Wiki.

All is explained in there, so please, either refer them to this thread, or to that page of the wiki.
This will cut out the repeated question of creating usable NPC’s :eng101:

pfftt … i dont see why people need this , all it is is one single hook … and why put this in the newbie questions?

BTW: i isn trollin, so i am gonna say thx

that tutorial isnt very good, you should do it propperly by using usermessages and KeyPress


oh and traces with special cool masks that goes through glass

one sec, posting mine

It’s related to the Newbie Questions section, because people usually just go straight to newbie questions if they want to ask something like this, so they’d most likely miss this thread if I put in the main Lua Scripting section.



part of mah shop lady in mah lobby:


function ENT:AcceptInput( name, activator, caller, data )
if ( caller:IsPlayer() ) then
umsg.Start(“open_shoppanel”, caller)



you broke ma auto merge!!

There, edited it a bit, it now uses usermessages instead of concommands


I’ve edited it to add sub-sections to it for the Serverside, Clientside, and Shared

If the kids that made the posts asking for help making a NPC shop could search they wouldnt be making posts in the first place, since they cant they will continue to make posts and I suggest you comment the code so they can learn what each line is doing.

You ninja, I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while now. I corrected some errors you had in it.

Thankyou Crazy, much appreciated, and Flawless, I will get on commenting

Wait… Hull is the outer structure of the entity. Not the skull size? I fixed that comment.

I looked it on the wiki, it defined it as skull size.


Also, it is now fully commented

Except most of it was wrong or “I don’t know what this does”. :wink:

Past tense baby


Also, Crazy Quebec you have been added to Contributors.

Yup, and you misspelled my name so I’d rather not even be on the list. :wink:
Because, why me more then anyone else who helped edit the page?

I didn’t mispell your name did I?