Creating c_arms in 3DS Max(or any 3d editor)

Hello all!
I’m have some playermodels, but without firstperson hands(c_arms, v_arms). I’m want try create it, but I can’t to create something :frowning:
Somebody, please, help me with the creation of c_arms in Autodesk 3DS Max or in any 3D-editor(some tutorials, topics, plz).
I would be grateful!

what I do is just create a backup in 3ds max, then import the c_arms I decompiled. and delete the lower body bones and stuff. also fix the rigging.

Yeah, c_arms are pretty easy if your model is rigged to the valve biped. I’d recommend decompiling an existing set, taking a look how that’s set up, matching the bone structure on a copy of your model, and using the decompiler generated .qc for your set.