Creating Evolve Plugins. How to reload a file/Evolve Menu?

A friend and I have been developing some plugins for the Evolve admin mod in gmod 13. However we ran into a …glitch. When we switch someone to admin, and then back to what they were, there evolve admin menu doesn’t work anymore(+ev_menu). It just shows one box, and the rest of it is blank. We think the solution may be to just reload the ev_menu that’s on the client-side, but can’t figure out how to do it. I don’t know how to navigate lua_openscript_cl into the addons folder either. This is for a dedicated server running gmod 13. any help? (for the record my search feature isn’t working, and I have been searching google for quite some time)

elseif ( choice == 4 ) then-- THIS IS OPTION 4
local atime = math.random( 20, 30 )
local rank = ply:EV_GetRank()
RunConsoleCommand("ev", "rank", ply:Nick(), "admin")
timer.Simple( atime, function() RunConsoleCommand("ev", "rank", ply:Nick(), rank) end )

return "lucked out! "..ply:Nick().." is now admin for "..atime.." minutes"

Never Mind, i figured out what the problem was.

We ran through, and found out somehow an earlier prototype of the plugin changed and screwed up one of the menu files. We have it all solved now. Can an admin close this thread?

So you randomly get admin for a period of time? That sounds a tad odd :expressionless:

What’s to stop them from banning everyone and mingeing in that period of time?

This is using evolve mod. So whoever is admin has restrictions. They can’t ban, for example. Also there are risks involved. If they try for the chance to become admin, they also try for the risk of being kicked, banned for up to 20 mins. or jailed. It’s really more of a game then anything. We have a report feature that is included with evolve mod, and we just about always have a trusted super admin on site just in case something does go wrong.

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sorry for double post, however I starting doing lua a few years back, but got away from it for a couple years. this is a way to refresh my memory if anything.