Creating "flexes" for Source with bones?

I have a model which has all of it’s face features already rigged with bones, but all the guides I’m seeing for making model flexes for Source in 3DS Max show using morpher instead.

How would I make model flexes without using morpher in 3DS Max but create them instead by animating the bones?

What i did for that was copy the mesh with the bones, change the face, Convert it into an editable poly. than added the model to the morpher for the original model. It worked for me atleast!

you don’t. i dunno if you can convert a posed state into a flex in max? blender seems to have that. i never tried it tho.

for in the game and if those are accesible (i dunno gmod) you could assign facial bones to poseparameters that’d drive the motion. far from that… i got nothing.

Indeed, you use the face bones to make the flex frames.

You don’t need to use Morphers, but that is the most common way to do it. You can also export out individual SMD frames, and use a tool like my VTAGenerate to build the flex files out of them, which is what I do.

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for!

Yeah most of us just clone the model, use the bones to pose it (or if you have access to some toolset that poses it for you use that), collapse the edited model and just use it as a morph source.