Creating Free & Paid Websites

Hello, if you are a server owner and you would like a free (or paid) website created for you with your specifications you’ve come to the right place!

[release]Heres a little bit of information about myself:

Location: UK
Occupation: Student
Specifications: I know multiple languages which include: PHP, Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, and HTML
Experiance: Created a small project which has been developed further by other staff…

I can host your website with a database but it will have to include *, sorry my hosting doesn’t allow addon domains which is a pain in the ass. But i will happily create one for you to use with your own resources.[/release]

[release] Paid Perks:
Lifetime maintenance
Cleaner Code
More Efficient
More time spent
More custom systems

Obviously free websites will be coded to your needs and done well.
Graphics will also be created or supplied!

Steam: thebamfordz
Or post here!

Any questions just ask!
I am only going to accept 5 requests (if i get any) and do them in order, first come first serve basis. Websites will be priced accordingly (No more than £10)
Been messing around with Processing iswel, its cool.

Cool i hope to have succesfull becouse you are a good coder .


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Accepted 1, 4 more left until further notice.

Invisiongaming is garbage


How is that relevant to anything… At all?

Anyway, you seem like a good coder. I make my own websites, however, so I can’t really say that I’d need your help, but you’re a great alternative to freewebs.