Creating good textures with photoshop?

I can make pretty decent models with 3DS Max. I can make clear, coherent UV Maps.

What I can’t do is make a decent texture to save my fucking life.

I look at tutorials I find with google and use things like noise, blur, dodge/burn, and other various effects. I only end up with shit textures that look like they belong on the N64. What am I doing wrong here? Is there some blindingly obvious fundamental step I’m missing? I look at my crap textures and then something like the metrocop’s skin sheet, which uses so little space and yet produces such a quality texture ingame and I’m baffled.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Do the same thing over and over and over and over again, till you’re coming a little closer to your mental image that’s in your head of what it is you’re trying to achieve.

I do appreciate the advice, but I was mostly asking about how to get a sharp, detailed texture from scratch in photoshop. Are there any tutorials or tips I could be given?

dodge and burn are pretty shit
screw around with the options under image>adjustments

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What are you trying to texture anyway?

I’m attempting to texture a machine I’ve modelled and plan to use in a source mod I’m making for school. It’ll be a medium/large device seen frequently through levels. I’m trying to make it look like a kind of brushed metal, with grime and scratches around the edges. The cylindrical part will look more like tinfoil. The forwardmost large surface will have a poster giving a brief description of how to use the machine.

Firstly, find good reference pictures to go off of, something that you’re trying to replicate or something similar.

A good base for a texture is a baked AO map. From there, you need to build texture layer by layer. Any layer should be 7f7f7f, most effects and artificial details can be created using shapes of this color with overlays and layer effects, including drop and inner shadows, stroke, and even bevel/emboss if used right. Aging needs to be done using a combination of grunge brushes and scratches. Find good brushes to use, and be inventive. Edges look better with a slight highlight, creating a grey overlay layer with dodge and burn for additional shading on top of the AO map helps. Additional texture can be created using low level monochromatic noise and layer style based pattern overlays at low opacity.

These are semi general tips, things I use. Hopefully they’ll give you a little insight.

I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to show off my total inexperience with photoshop here. What is a “baked AO map”? Google doesn’t yield a clear answer. I understood everything else.

Same question i would like to ask and have an answer of it for i am also in the beginners world of skinning.

There’s this really good hard surface texturing tut

You could look around in fpsb tut section:

I wouldn’t recommend static lightning these days, if you are good in modeling/uv-mapping first learn how to bake high poly models to low poly (baking normals) than you can also use that highpoly to generate you the AO and if you got those 2 you only should make a proper base and adding some details here and there.

But yea texturing a prop vs a gun vs a person takes different skills, so you are going to need to point your training on one objective first and as your model you made is a prop so that wouldn’t be that hard.

Best thing to do now is make first a proper metal base (or other bases that your model requires)

I would recommend looking on google for racer455 tutorials and on you tube for millenia’s texture tutorials:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot everyone, I managed to make something I’m satisfied with. I’ll likely revise it in the future.