Creating groups of players using tables

Alright so I’m a little unclear of the most efficient method for this (I’m creating new entries and editing them from the table library functions)

Right now I’m currently doing this

localGangs = {}
localGangs.Gangs = {}
	localGangs.Gangs["DEAG"] = {players = {"steve", "john", "lenny"} },	

	localGangs.Gangs["JUAN"] = {players = {"james", "Kev", "someone"} }

But i’m having trouble with being able to use this method to also assign the names the corresponding Steam ID’s. I’m trying to create new entries like this through buttons (i’m just using table.insert) . In honesty its a slight bit confusing right now since i’m returning to Glua after some months.
TL;DR**: Whats the best way of utilizing tables to store player properties and other values?

On your place I’d store the player’s gang on their player object, or if you REALLY ABSOLUTELY MUST use tables, store the player object’s themselves in the table, or their SteamID64, those are way more unique and cannot collide, so it is guaranteed that you will not save player 1 with name “hax” and then another player joins with the name “hax” creating potentially dangerous conditions.