Creating hidden jobs in the F4 menu?

I have made Superadmin-on-duty and Admin-on-duty jobs in DarkRP. What would I need to script to hide these jobs from the F4 menu? I don’t want other players to look at them for simplicity and I just want to teach the admins the commands.

So you don’t even want these jobs displaying to the admins and superadmins?
Change lines 595-599 to
[lua]if v.admin == 1 then
nodude = false
if v.admin > 1 then
nodude = false

What script is that in?

Sorry, was in a rush. ShowTeamstabs.lua

I don’t think that will block them from picking the team though. You can hide it but they can still use console commands. Edit the server so that only people with :IsAdmin() can pick those teams.

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Unless your game mode already has that of cource.

Directly from “shared.lua”


You can make extra classes here. Set everything up here and the rest will be done for you! no more editing 100 files without knowing what you're doing!!!
Ok here's how:

To make an extra class do this:
AddExtraTeam( "<NAME OF THE CLASS>", Color(<red>, <Green>, <blue>, 255), "<Player model>" , [[<the description(it can have enters)>]], { "<first extra weapon>","<second extra weapon>", etc...}, "<chat command to become it(WITHOUT THE /!)>", <maximum amount of this team> <the salary he gets>, 0/1/2 = public /admin only / superadmin only, <1/0/true/false Do you have to vote to become it>,  true/false DOES THIS TEAM HAVE A GUN LICENSE?, TEAM: Which team you need to be to become this team)

The real example is here: it's the Hobo:		*/

--VAR without /!!!			The name    the color(what you see in tab)                   the player model					The description
TEAM_HOBO = AddExtraTeam("Hobo", Color(80, 45, 0, 255), "models/player/corpse1.mdl", [[The lowest member of society. All people see you laugh. 
You have no home.
Beg for your food and money
Sing for everyone who passes to get money
Make your own wooden home somewhere in a corner or 
outside someone else's door]], {"weapon_bugbait"}, "hobo", 5, 0, **0**, false)

This has nothing to do with what he wants to accomplish

I figured that was his point, _NewBee, but I could be mistaken.