Creating massive structures and bases is to easy...

As a fresh spawn to a server players are surrounded by many structures and buildings most of which are abandoned or torn apart. This turns off the isolated feel a survival game should have, What could be a possible solution to this? Making building parts more expensive to craft? Leave suggestions please

What? Abandoned buildings don’t add to isolated feel? What are you smoking man?

I think it makes it more challenging. Do not know which ones are occupied. With that said I’m imagine there are some practical performance issues with so many objects. A game I played awhile back called space engineers used an effective solution for clutter. Servers ops would delete anything not touching what was called a beacon. You can have a lamp and as long as its touching a a surface of your base or hide out it does not get deleted. I think it only works if the game knows that all objects that are together is like one entity or is connected.

Do we seriously need to counter every problem people imagine up that doesn’t actually exist? So many “This isn’t perfect, so fix it” threads.

Besides, decay will solve this ‘problem’

decay works but its too slow. i feel an exponential decay would help to clean things faster while not destroying your base in front of your eyes. lets say a stone building lats 2 weeks( or 3 or 4 whatever), after 12 days its still have good hp but you can see its missing some hp from decay. then in the last 2 or 3 days it drop fast and then disapear. that way, you need to do maintenance at least once per 2 weeks, and the building wont be 75% decayed after 1 week and a half.

This definitely seems to be the logical path that decay will progress in. Whatever it is, they need to sort it out, if for no other reason than it really sucks to only get to play the game in week long, red bull fueled nerd sprints. It might even solve some imbalances with clans if they can’t schedule their map dominance around when the server is about to restart.

I actually really like the feel of a server that has a bunch of rundown abandoned bases. I played nomadic on our sever for a bit after it had been running for several weeks and entered pre-raided/abandoned bases to use furnaces, repair benches, and move on. Map size and player base effect the “isolation” feel but I don’t think just having bases around had that effect.