Creating Models

Even though it will take a lot of time, I have decided that I am going to learn to make my own models for Gmod, so with that in mind, I need to know what a good model making program would be.

Preferably free, but if not thats fine.

Blender is a free open source 3D modelling software.


Is it possible to take a model, that is already made then put it into blender to modify it?

I don’t mean the valve models, but other custom models, the model I want to make would be much simpler IF I could use the body from the Silent Hill Homecoming Pyramid Head, then change the head to make it more, human, in shape.

It depends on the type of file.

If your trying to change just his head, I would recommend seeing if there is already a pyramid head models for garry’s mod and download that, then download studio compiler and decompile the model. It should give you an .smd and you need to get an .smd importer and exporter for blender. That way the body will be rigged and already have collision/scaling/etc. And then there are tons of tutorials on the net on how to add collision to the head you will make and then recompile the model.

It seems like a lot too download, but if you’re going to get into source modelling with blender then your going to need to have all those for convience.

(Also, I would recommend download GUI Studio Model, because it compiles models better than studio compiler)

There’s a gigantic variety of model formats - therefore you often need to use third party tools to convert models from some engines into formats that your program supports. Since those tools are usermade, they often don’t support all the functions a model includes such as the rigging or even the UV Map (you’d need to redo those then).

When I try to decompile it, Studio Compiler stops responding.

I got it to work.