Creating Multiplayer Servers problem

Okay I’m new here, and i don’t really know if I’ve put this thread in the right place - if this is in the wrong place, could an admin kindly place it in the correct place? Thanks.

Anyway, I know there are lots of other threads about this, but I’m having trouble making Multiplayer servers. Yes, you know the problem. Others get the “Server Not Responding” message.

I heard that you can foreward TCP/UDP ports 27015 and type in sv_lan 0 and heartbeat into the console, and I’ve also tried disabling my firewall, but nothing’s worked. Can someone give me any instructions on how to foreward the correct ports on a NETGEAR router? Or give me an alternative fix that doesn’t include Static IP’s?

Thanks again. And remember, I’m new. So be nice :smiley: And sorry if I’ve missed a new thread about this exact same problem, I’m in a bit of a hurry…

EDIT: My netgear is DG834N.


Find your router there, do it for CS:S as that uses the same ports.

There is no CS:S option, only Counter Strike which apparently doesn’t use the same ports.

I’ve tried portforewarding to Steam Client and Steam Server, but that hasn’t worked.

I still need help!