Creating Normal Maps from a Texture? VTFEdit or Other

Anyone have any good ways to make a good normal map out of a texture? I have VTFEdit which is able to generate them, but I don’t know what settings to use for it. On default settings ( Kernel Filter: 3x3 | Height Source: AverageRGB | Alpha Result: Set To White ) they seem very flat and dull compared to the official normals.

This kind of tools will never get a ‘good’ normal map as it usually being made by baking from hi-res models.

If you really want to do normals from textures you’ll probably have to manually clean them a lot before you can use or the results won’t be good

About the settings, it depends on how evident you want the effect to be. I think the ones generated from textures look bad if set too strong, so I think you’ll have better results if you stick to 4 sample, average rgb and a scale between 1 and 10.

CrazyBump is usually the best way to go (despite its demo having a 30 day limit.) The developer wiki article for bump maps has a good list of programs you can use too