creating occluders

i need a way to create occluders(they block rendering. some maps use them in spawnrooms to prevent rso). in lua. how would i do that.

i forgot to mention occluders are hammer entitys.

i forgot to mention rso is reliable snapshot overflow.

i forgot to mention im out of things to bump this with and i need a answer.

did i mention i really need a answer?

Either nobody knows how to do this, or it is not possible.

What is keeping you from doing this in hammer?

You cannot create brush entities without recompiling the map. A new entity that simulates the behavior of an occluder could be made with Lua though.

that could be usefull. i myself do not need to create occluders but i know someone whos working on a project that could make all spacebuilders jizz but it wont work at all without a occluder or occluder like entity.