Creating Sandbox Gimmick Maps

Hello There!
Whenever I play sandbox on Garry’s Mod, the maps I tend to enjoy the most are those which have one gimmick and were created fairly quickly. A good example of this is gm_ramp. It’s a quick and dirty map that just has a massive ramp.
Since I have never really used hammer before, as I am more of a programmer, I have decided to create a few gimmicky/prototype maps for the purpose of improvement. Today I made three of these maps, and I thought I would show them off. They are all numbered in the order they were created.
I’m looking to improve my mapping abilities so feel free to let me know what you think.

(0) gm_invertedpyramid
Honestly not the best thought out map, not much building space but :man_shrugging:

(1) gm_ramp
Car goes brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbbr

(2) gm_room
A bunch of rooms, that’s it.


Lovely. There’s really nothing quite like a bundle of physics objects hurtling down a ramp. Reminds me of that old sled building map, haha.

If I were to give a suggestion – because I have a huge hard-on for physics interactions – maybe add some obstacles on the way down the ramp? Something for a player building a vehicle or sled needs to avoid (or have fun crashing into)?

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I’m in.

Also I used to play the hell out of sled build, maybe I’ll make a map for it.

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I love this.

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(3) gm_bigcity_sandbox
Probably a temporary name, taking inspriation from gm_bigcity. Let me know if you want to see anything special!

I don’t know how s&box physics compares to gmod physics but if it’s possible to make slanted walls that are “surfable” like in gmod, it would be cool to have a map with plenty of surfable walls and some sort of level design based on that aspect.

Same with a map that would have bhoppable level design.


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(4) gm_pyramid
Wanted to take a break from map 3 (gm_bigcity_sandbox) to work on some more prototypes before I attempt something big.

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Select all of the edges and go to the panel on the left and click hard normals for the edges and it’ll look so hot :weary:

also these maps are literally gonna take YEARS to compile so uhhhhh sandbox maps are fucked but uh yeah these are a good start

I have a decent computer, some do take some time but others like the pyramid seem to go fairly quicky. It’s a pain but big S&Box maps good.