Creating spawnlist in-game?

Hello guys, is it possible to create a new spawnlist while being in-game? Like in the old gmod times.

Yes it is

Can we get a way to create a spawnlist from search results?

Allright now that I know it’s possible, how to do it Garry? :v:

It’s needlessly complicated, and poorly done. If you wish to take props from other spawnlists, there is no option to copy them; it just removes them from the previous list and puts it in the new one. You have to physically find the model in its root folder to not fuck over the other lists.

Also, you must select a prop, or shift select multiple, hover it over the spawnlist, and then into the spawnicon area. Just right clicking a prop(or multiple selected) and having an option of what spawnlist to copy/send it to would have been more logical. but, garry™

But how to create the spawnlist itself, that’s the problem for me :stuck_out_tongue: I know how to copy the stuff from other spawnlists/root folder but I have no idea how to create a new empty spawnlist to use(besides quitting the game and making a new text file and shit).

Right click drag and drop - go to copy. Like in Windows.

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Right click on an icon on the left and create new spawnlist.

Thanks Garry!

Are there ways to create or delete categories in the game? (Like how, under “HL2 Characters,” there are categories for Humans, Citizens, and Bad Guys.) I was messing around with some Kirby models yesterday, and I had to edit the spawnlist’s text file to remove a couple of categories I wanted to get rid of.