Creating Transparent VTF's

so how can u make one, i already searched but it wont work D: can anybody show me how, thank you in advance

You clearly didn’t search hard enough… This one deals with Decals, but it is the same process.

There’s site where u can upload TGA pictures made in PS or Gimp and then when u upload them, u can choose multiple options like, white to transparent, read transparent from picture etc. Just totaly forgot link xC

uhm, ok sorry for my lazyness, i’ll search again

Updated second post with a link…

Let’s say you were making a decal vtf that had the words “I’m faggot” written on it.

Make the text whatever size, color, etc, center it.

Now, go to the channel tabs (Bottom right) and click the downwards arrow with 3 horizontal lines button. Click create new channel.

Set it to:
Alpha 1
Masked Areas
Opacity 50%

Once it’s created tick the box next to the channel so it has an eye in that box.

Go to the layers tab and ctrl+click your text or whatever you have.

Go back to the channel tab, right-click your Alpha 1 channel and delete it.



Son of a-

thank you both of you!! i did lord ned’s link it worked!!!