Creating .vtf/.vmt for DImage help

I am making a button using the DImage button so I can use a custom image for it. I created two images saved them as .png, and imported it into VTFEdit and the red image works but the blue image doesn’t work.

I was wondering if there are any certain settings in VTFEdit that I need to use to create the proper .vtf and .vmt? I searched around but I didn’t see much info on the subject. I was hoping maybe someone could tell me the settings or how to set that up properly.


Once you export something as a .vtf it should be fine. Just make sure it has a matching .vmt file with the same name, and your .vmt file should look like this:

	"$basetexture"		"yourmaterial"
	"$ignorez"		1
	"$vertexcolor" 		1
	"$vertexalpha" 		1
	"$nolod" 		1

That’s what I used for all the custom materials I made for derma. You have to remember to change the “$basetexture” to the name of your .vtf, and I would name your .vmt the same as the .vtf.

Yeah thank you. I had that and I was wondering why it wasn’t working. I figured it out. It was apparently using the wrong material folder… It was grabbing a material folder from another gamemode (go figure), so the Blue texture wasn’t in the other gamemode.