Creating Wheels with Steering

As part of creating Robocraft in gmod, there are two types of wheels: those which just go forward and backward, and those which rotate in the steering axis. They are controlled with WASD.

Right now, my regular wheels work just fine using motor constraints.

I have run into a problem with the constraint system. How can I change the axis of a motor constraint? Or rather, how do I change the axis of rotation of an axis constraint entity?
As of now, once the constraint is created, the axis can’t be changed to my knowledge.

Any ideas? I’m open to hackiness.

Wrong section, this isn’t acf support or whatever

Let me clarify: I’m making Robocraft in Garry’s mod with the sandbox gamemode base.

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I figured this out. I removed the motor constraint, rotated the wheel, and made a new motor constraint with the new settings every time the user presses A or D.